Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween- for young and old

Halloween is BIG at our house- you will hear remarked many times as the day approaches "Halloween is my favourite holiday"...
and it is true- for most of my family Halloween is a favourite- and we decorate- and we all dress up.

I was a bit worried this year that my older children would be hassled- they are tall (always have been) and I was very grateful that not ONE person commented on their age or size.. in fact people all loved our group's costumes and at several houses people were called to the door to admire our hard work!

Chaos of pumpkin carving abounds.

My beautiful bride of frankenstein- in the ver so painful process of becoming her character fo the evening.. and the finished product- even as a monster she is gorgeous.

And we have the Chime-bot 2010.. not sure what this pose is about- she actually was pretty head strong about no photos being taken- so I am lucky i got this one!

We have a classic Batman villain- two face- he actually cut his hair off for this costume- something he has NEVER done- i mean very literally his hair has not been this short since it was this length growing in as a baby. Talk about committed to the role!

and so very beautiful my boy- even with the face paint- the suit was something as well- we had fun marking up the one side and burning it just so.

I wish I had a better picture of the mask we made here. We has a request for a fairly obscure Halloween costume this year.

And old school Doctor Who character- the Silurian. seen below from- the original and our creation. All in all I was fairly happy with how it turned out- there is a real crystal embedded in the temple!

We had a blast- got loads of loot...and laughed a lot!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

freaks and weirdos.

I had a birthday in there- 34th one i think...
I post this not for the expectation of well wishes from my absent readers, but rather I wanted to document what my children gifted to me.

They made me a cake- knowing my love of baking- on their own they baked and decorated me a cake..cause they rock like that.
They each decorated one side- or area.. I would have posted my heap of photos, but there is very literally- a heap.
now if the cake alone didn't prove their combined rock-dom

perhaps the icing Dalek by my 14 year old son...

Of all the things i expected when expecting- and beyond- of this gig called motherhood no one mentioned that you get to raise your children to be freaks.

This would be my husband's oddly fluffy leg- and my daughter's art work.. this image makes me think that a very fitting pirate name would be "old plaid leg"..
Although now that I recall.. the image below was taken a few years ago and springs to mind- that he was already given the pirate name of 'captain gaylord'.

We had some first day's of school at our house...
Ya know I am one of the teary moms who stands in the corner even though the teacher REALLY wants you to go home..
the one who is told that this is a rite of passage- and not to worry because she will have fun..

and you are supposed to leave with your tissue and wait with baited breath until the end of the day.. and than get over yourself.

But i am more like the one who thinks this BICT...erhm.."stranger" who calls herself a teacher has a lot of nerve taking MY baby's time ALL day from me.. me-who has a right mind to grab said baby out of said "stranger's" arm's and run.
Maybe or maybe not involving kicks to kindergarten teacher's shins...

(i feel the need to interject that her teacher is actually a sweetheart and no violence became her the first day of school- not from my hand's ..or feet anyway ...I don't know what kind of cock fightin' life she lead's after she hustle's her stolen treasure's home for the day)

seriously Look at this girl-
I am FAIRLY certain she was born about 15 minutes ago.. school?!?

although I like the pictures here, the first one- at home with shear excitement, the next- you can almost feel the nervousness..look at her little face.

by the way- she chose this outfit because she wanted to dress *goth* for her first day-
that roughly translated says "i have a teenaged sibling"

The picture below is from the first day she went to meet her teacher, not a full day but I am a mother- so i brought my camera..
You may not know it but this shot is posed.. all Chime.. She went back opened the door and stood there facing away from the camera with one leg perched in the air.

see.. I raise em' right!

totally right....

My other first day-er..if that is a word.
She is beautiful as ever and ready for grade four.

and 'cause this is a picture heavy post already...
more examples of how strange my days are.


i really wonder what people do in normal homes.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a little brag.

wow that last post totally spilled off the allotted blog zone.

Speaking of my last post- this is a shot someone snapped of the piece I did on the public Mandala this year. Everything Eagle...

Now...Since I am creator of this here blog- I am declaring myself allowed blatant bragging rights.

We have a Fibre arts fest here..i think it has been going on a long while now, and an aspect of this festival is a juried art show. I decided - with some hesitation to submit a few silk paintings.

Now there is some fear there- because art is so primal and personal- at least I hope it is..and to be judged.. and I know damn well it is by people older than myself- with I am sure differing preferences in their art admiration.. and being rejected- well it hurts.

So I submitted five pieces- even a nekkid lady- so naughty.

And they took all five pieces- so that was a nice ego stroke..

and than a few days before the show starts i get a call.. and have one third place for one of my pieces.. I got to go and get an award in front of a crowd and a plaque and my piece had a ribbon on it at the show..
and at the end when I came to pick up my work.. someone had actually bought one!..

...feels good to be liked.

sad thing is- I have no pictures of the finished piece before it sold.

plus I find it weird that art i have made is in someone's house- and I have no idea who- have always found that aspect of being an artist a bit weird.
But I remind myself- having work actually sell is a great reminder that I am doing what I love and that others are finding beauty in it.

Below is a detail image of the piece I won with.
I titled it "Water Majik" It is actually rather long - like a scarf and I loved how it turned out..

so yay me I suppose.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When the Earth is your Canvass....

'Our' Mandala...
Have I ever mentioned that I am blessed enough to live in paradise?

It may be hard to tell but this was created by hundreds of individuals painting separate unique art pieces all on the ground- photo taken from above.. I am unsure of the scale.. but I know it is massive!!
In scope and size-
The love and care that goes into this is hand's down one of the most moving things I have ever been gracious enough to bare witness too. put it into perspective here is a shot with people surrounding a piece.

This was last year's Mandala- This year saw the 13th annual Roberts Creek Community Mandala -please visit the web site!

This year the whales and turtle in the centre were significant because of the healing the artistic creator wishes for our ocean's.
It is interesting to me- that with hundreds of people painting- babies to elderly people and everyone in between- that each year I see commonality in what people paint- I noticed this year there are eyes painted opposing each others on each whale's tail.

The entire process is amazing to witness and brought about by a surprisingly small but dedicated and wonderful number of people.

I am so thankful to be touched by such a magical place!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

they liked my vagina

see they usually don't like my vaginas.

I consider myself an artist- and truthfully it has taken me some time to be able to say that- I used to have a theory that anyone calling themselves an artist was a hack.. than I got further away from my highschool art education.. and realized i had a lot of un-learning to do.

I do however still allow myself the art snobbery of seperating art from crafts.. and while I separate them- my love for the human form creeps into what I create- weather i segregate what I call the practice or not.

I have a fondness for naked women- and really who the hell doesn't?
but it is my topic of choice- usually for my painting and skecthing- but I find there is never a shortness within the beauty of our bodies-
"love my Whole" by HF

Well a new art form to me has been silk painting, Batik style I stretch silk and create colourful pieces.

Taking my new found craft to the next step I had decided to enter some of my silks into a local juried show.
A rather large show that buses in tourists and such.
Since it is a fibre arts fest and I know how much it draws little sweet old ladys I was unsure of my work.

I have a history see- of being told I should paint pretty streams and that people simply don't want to look at *that*.. being turned away because of my explicit material-
This time (being a "craft" and all) I even tried to do conservative images..with real honest effort- but somehow a naked lady still crept in there.

probably too tiny to see..hmmm
two of the pieces- one is fish swimming and the other is a woman wearing day of the dead face.
see fish- fish don't offend anyone- well maybe some.. who knows.

Well my litte brag is that they chose my pieces- all five i submitted.
vaginas and all..
so that made me happy.

Things that make me happy~ I should really focus on those things more..

I have found after certain traumas in the last few years focusing on the positive feels fleeting- and making plans for the future is a thing of the past..ha

I sometimes wish I could say to my husband- if only you had met me.. *before*..when I was good.

there are things.. more and more things.. well i suppose the number of things hasn't changed so much as my ability to admire them. To allow them to penetrate and touch me.

visitors make me happy.

Chime- not so sure how happy she is about visitors.

and yes baking does make me happy

Especially when I can experiment with flavours..

like banana chocolate and cookies and cream with a whole oreo baked at the bottom.. and cookie jar with dabs of cookie dough in the batter..and when they all turn out amazingly- i am even happier.

and yay- another happy- our community is gearing up to paint our annual collective mandala- which to me expresses all the beauty and togetherness of this magical place.

I have vents- and frustrations of course- I am human.. mostly, but I do try to remember the happies.. mostly.

Friday, July 9, 2010

bento baby

hello web.

As I stated below..
I want to document some of my kitchenular creations.

And since I love art- and I love cooking..when I stumbled upon bento boxes I was smitten.
Oh the things people can do!.. i was so impressed.. I was kinda let down when i realized a lot of the fancy once you see around the web are made from a kit and not freehand.. if there is such a thing as freehand bento making.

anyway I dove in. We found a shop in the big city that is like a Japanesse dollar store and sure enough- bento supplies galore- and cheap- so we grabbed some up.

I have one daughter in public school- her choice..
she started last year and one thing I knew I could do to help her days be special was to create special lunches for her.

I remember when my two oldest kids where in public school- i dreaded making lunches- it was so hard to find food to send- they never ate most of it- and it cost a fortune..
I find making bento boxes kicks ass- it is rock star fun- costs like nothing- we get a few thigs form the bulk area at the market- and a lot of left vers are used..
i WAy prefer her eating this than pre packaged goo- and there is hardly any waste..
so yay times like 0 i dunno five?

So like i said-we started out by just diving in head first.. and I love what came about..

so here are a few of the ones i came up with at the start of my bento adventure
as a bento virgin.....

My Daughter LOVES Koala bears- so this is my take on one..

On days when I felt lazy as anything I made a simple sandwich- which actually only happened a few times- but this was nice fresh French bread-

Our Nori kinda can't see it- but underneath is a really pretty rice rainbow!

I have loads of photos and will try to upload more..
I am a fan and recommend making bento boxes full on.
Plus-the boxes stack together and are held with beautiful bands.. and than it all fits together in it's self to store..
and you can get uber cute boxes.
sleeping time for me.



Well I have been thinking about my poor lonely blog here.. and how I can best reap the advantages of this lovely medium before me.

I do admit freely that I have a sort of blog envy festering inside.
People who use their blog daily - who actually do it- regularly - they are my heros.
Which sounds sorta sad in retrospect.

Scrap that.. my heros areeee.. lets say... firemen.

But me, I sit down and think of the days events behind me- and I just can't type it out..
or if I should get so far- i could virtually sprain my finger -> delete delete delete.

Combinations of deeply rooted insecurity and lack of trust I suppose keep me from using this blog the way i hoped i would have.

I have a handful of other pages i tune into - and I find I really do admire the way someone can freely share without the limitations i have wound myself up in.
The voice in my head saying- really who the hell ARE you talking too.. and the memory of trying to keep journals in my youth only to have them read.

I do think it is healthy to vent and move past daily frustrations.. and this seems perfect if I can get over my *issues*...- with new technology comes a myriad of technology based phobias and traumas.
although maybe I alone suffer from disambiguationphobia....
woah- my spell check just shed a little tear for that one.

Anyway- one way I know I can enjoy my little blog friend here is by reminding myself of one aspect of my original idea...
I may not be great with *pie* but ninja fun in the kitchen is a little building block corner of who I am..

I love to cook- bake.. and I want to document some of my edible artistry..
(is it vain to call it artistry?)

sure i wanna share my anger- and joy and pride and my visual artistry and all that fun stuff too.. but i do wanna share my love for kitchen acrobatics.
So I think I will start allowing myself to use this here blog..
and who knows- maybe it will become a habit..

AND if anyone is reading this and feels very bored indeed.. by all means go through and replace the word BLOG with the word VAGINA..
.cause it is fun.

and you all love my