Sunday, July 17, 2016

My current exhibition

Starting out...again

This blog is old.  I set it up years ago when my kids were small.  My intention was to document my experiences in motherhood...keep a digital log of our family adventures.

I always envied bloggers~ the way they take something seemingly mundane and give it an aire of importance by simply sharing it.  I struggled to find the confidence to believe that my reality was significant enough...why would anyone care.
I also found that actually being a mother often interfered with my motherhood documenting time.

So this page of mine was abandoned.  

Time has rolled forward, my kids are mostly grown..I am older.  I began settling into a new dynamic.   One very different from mothering five young children.   Many struggles, lots of fear...and a new path before me.

And fate stepped in to remind me that I still have lessons to learn.

I discovered I was expecting....pregnant...again.

The past year has been wave after wave of unexpected change.
Right when I thought I was wrapping my head around my new found all pitched off the deep end.

I decided to pull out my old blog here...maybe I still lack the confidence to believe my words will hold meaning to anyone aside from myself.  I do have enough self love to know *I* need to process these experiences.   I saved my old posts and I cleared myself a little spot here to journal.

And this is it~